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Talking about life


You will hear a reporter asking people from different countries about life. What is the difference of life between these countries. Listen to the interview and learn the phrases about life.


ReporterExcuse me. Do you have a moment!
ReporterYou aren’t American!
HirokoNo, no, I’m from Japan. I’m on holiday here.
ReporterOK. So, my question is: what’s different for you about life here?
HirokoErm … well, here people live in houses … they live in big houses. I’m from Tokyo, and we live in flats, small flats. So that’s very different.
Reporter… and so for you, what’s different about life here!
SanchezErm … well I study at university here. And it’s very different from my country because here in the United States, the students have jobs. They work in the evenings, maybe ten hours a week.
ReporterAnd you! Do you work!
SanchezMe! No, I don’t. I don’t have time. And in my country students don’t work, they only study.
JaneWhat’s different here! Erm … oh yeah, people drive everywhere. I mean, they drive two hundred metres to the shops.
ReporterDo you have a car!
JaneYes, I do, but I don’t drive to the shops. Not two hundred metres! I walk.
ReporterAnd where are you from!
JaneI’m from England.
PaciniI think it’s not so different. I’m from Italy and my American friends are not so different from me. Er … we like sport … we like clothes … We er … we go to the cinema, restaurants, have a coffee
ReporterSo you like the same things.
PaciniYeah, the same … not different.



Complete the text with the positive (+) or negative (-) of the verb in brackets. The first two have been done for you as examples.

I’m from Italy but I       live       (live) (+) in the USA with my wife, Debbie. We     don’t have     (have) (-) children. We 1                  (like) (+) life here very much.

I 2                  (work) (-) in an office. I work from home.  We 3                  (go) (+) to the beach a lot and we 4                  (play) (+) tennis in the evenings.

We 5                  (have) (-) a big house but we 6                 (live) (+) in a beautiful town.

Our friends Jim and Katie are very nice. They 7                  (play) (-) tennis, but we often 8                  (drive) (+) to their house for a barbecue.



Click to see answers

  1. like
  2. don’t work
  3. go
  4. play
  5. don’t have
  6. live
  7. don’t play
  8. drive

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