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Making a Request

Can you give me a towel please?
Can you give me a towel please?

Making a request is funtional language in English speaking. It’s important to be polite when making a request for something or some action from other people. The way you request people to do something for you is the same as when you ask for favours.

1. Give me a paper towel.Here you are.
2. Please mail this letter for me.Okay. I’ll stop by the post office on my way home.
3. Would you please turn down that music?Sorry. Is it bothering you?
4. Will you type my term paper for me?Sure. When do you need it?
5. Would you give me a ride home?Sorry. I’m not going in that direction.


Here are some useful phrases for you to learn making a request.

  • Can I…?
  • Can you…?
  • Could I possibly…?
  • Could I…?
  • Could you possibly…?
  • Could you…?
  • I need (to)… Can you help?
  • I’d be (very) grateful if you could…
  • May I…?
  • Have you got time to…?

More phrases

  • Can/Could I ask you to…?
  • Could I/you by any chance…?
  • Do you think you could…?
  • I heard that you are an expert on…
  • If you could…, I’d/I’ll…
  • If you’re not too busy,…
  • If…, that would be a great help.
  • Would it be possible for you to…?
  • Would you mind …ing (…)?
  • You’re good at…, aren’t you?

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