Giving advice and suggestions

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Giving advice and suggestions

  1. Who do you talk to when you have problems? Do you feel better after talking to him/her?
  2. When did you last listen to a friend’s problem? Did you help him/her?

Listen to the conversation. Pay attention how the man gives his advice and suggestions.

A What’s up? Are you OK?
B No, not really. It’s my job. I’m not enjoying it and I didn’t get the promotion.
A Why don’t you talk to your boss and ask for his advice?
B I tried. He’s not very helpful. He said he was busy and didn’t have time to talk.
A Well, you need to try again. You should tell him it’s important.
B I don’t see the point. He gave the promotion to Sam, my colleague.
A Oh. If I were you, I’d look for another job. Why don’t we look online at vacancies and get some ideas?
B Yeah. That sounds great. Thanks for listening to me.

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Language Note:

If I were you, I’d… has a simillar meaning to You could… It is used to give advice to someone and make suggestions.

  • If I were you, I’d go to the doctor.
  • You could go to the doctor.


Why don’t you…?, You need to…, You should… are used to give a suggestion.

You can response to a good suggestions by saying:

  • That sounds great.
  • That sounds like a great idea
  • I really appreciate your help.
  • That’s a good plan.

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