The stages of writing an essay

Chaohua’s first draft

  1. Analysing the title
  2. Collecting all the ideas you have
  3. Drawing a diagram to show which ideas and evidence to use
  4. Writing your plan
  5. Writing your first draft (first try)
  6. Analysing the first draft
  7. Feedback on your first draft
  8. Feed back on the use of language
  9. Writing final draft


Read Chaohua’s essay below, to see how she moved from plan to first draft. You do not need to comment on her essay at this stage, as you will do this in the next step.

Discuss the reasons why increasing numbers of young children are learning English early in China.

The English language is the most preferred international language in the world. It is widely used to all kind of field. In Shanghai in China, most of primary school are begin to teach English and some children start to learn English in the kindergartens. It also have many language schools. The main reason for it popularity are considered below.

Firstly, the majority of country use English as an official language. In international marketing all use English, including business, politics, science, arts and even education. In China, it is important for us to learn English because if you do well in English, you can get a good job far more than non-speaking English.

Secondly, many linguists consider that young children are studying language better than adults. If a young child live in many different countries in childhood, he or she may speak 3 or 4 languages. Therefore, more and more young children start to learn English in kindergartens.

Finally, most parents care for their children’s prospects. Think that their child should just study hard and be good at English to become successful. So in Shanghai in China it is very popular with studying English in kindergartens.

More and more young children learning English far early. English is widely spoken at the moment. Young people good at English better than adult. I think there will be more people to study English in future.

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